Hostel Information for Students:

The College provides separate hostel facility for boys and girls.The girl’s hostels accommodate nearly 250 students and the boys hostel accommodates nearly 250 students. The Hostel facility is available for all students of all years.
Strict discipline is followed in the hostels. The Hostels daily provides breakfast (with milk/coffee), lunch, Snacks (with milk/tea) and dinner. There are separate Hostel committees for boys' hostel and girls' hostel headed by conveners, which monitors the running of the hostels.

  1. Hostel accommodation is provided to the students who get admission into B.Tech. / M.Tech /Diploma Courses subject to availability.

  2. Rooms are subject to availability on First come First service basis.

  3. The student has to occupy the room allotted to her/him. She should not change it without prior permission of the Warden of the hostels.

  4. The student has to bring her own bucket, mug and door lock and key.

  5. Only limited accommodation is available in the College hostels for Men. Admission to hostels will be made as per rules in vogue.

  6. Students admitted into hostels should always keep their identity card and shall show it whenever the hostel authorities.

  7. Students should stay in the rooms allotted to them by the Hostel authorities. Outsiders should not be entertained in the Hostels. Otherwise their admission into the hostels will be cancelled without prior notice.

  8. The Students shall maintain decency, decorum, hygiene in dining hall and use water in bath rooms and latrines and not give any scope for contagious diseases.

  9. Students should vacate the hostels after theory examinations, after obtaining No-.Dues certificate from the hostel authorities and shall produce identity card.

  10. Ragging, eve-teasing, individual attacks are strictly prohibited. Hostel authorities are not responsible for the criminal and other police disciplinary action taken