IQAC Committee


  1. To develop a system for conscious, consistent, and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the institution.
  2. To promote measures for institutional functioning towards quality enhancement through internalization of quality culture and institutionalization of best practices.


  1. Ensuring timely, efficient, and progressive performance of academic, administrative and financial tasks.
  2. The relevance and quality of academic and research programs
  3. Equitable access to and affordability of academic programs for various sections of society.
  4. Optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning
  5. The credibility of evaluation procedures.
  6. Ensuring the adequacy, maintenance, and proper allocation of support structure and services.
  7. Sharing of research findings and networking with other institutions.
  8. To keep track of the departments that are accredited by the NBA and ensure that those departments maintain the standards of the NBA
  9. To complete the NBA-pre qualifier every year for the departments not accredited by the NBA and notify the principal and CDC when any department becomes eligible for accreditation


  1. Development and application of quality benchmarks/parameters for various academic and administrative activities of the institution
  2. Facilitating the creation of a learner-centric environment conducive to quality education and faculty maturation to adopt the required knowledge and technology for participatory teaching and learning process
  3. Arrangement for feedback response from students, parents, and other stakeholders on quality-related institutional processes
  4. Dissemination of information on various quality parameters of higher education
  5. Organization of inter and intra institutional workshops, seminars on quality related themes and promotion of quality circles
  6. Documentation of the various programs/activities leading to quality improvement
  7. Acting as a nodal agency of the Institution for coordinating quality-related activities, including adoption and dissemination of best practices
  8. Development and maintenance of institutional database through MIS for the purpose of maintaining /enhancing the institutional quality
  9. Development of Quality Culture in the institution
  10. Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as per guidelines and parameters of NAAC, to be submitted to NAAC


  1. Ensure heightened level of clarity and focus on institutional functioning towards quality Enhancement
  2. Ensure internalization of the quality culture
  3. Ensure enhancement and coordination among various activities of the institution and institutionalize all good practices
  4. Provide a sound basis for decision-making to improve institutional functioning
  5. Act as a dynamic system for quality changes in SVREC
  6. Build an organize methodology of documentation and internal communication.

CHAIR PERSON : Head of the institution
1 Dr.P.Mallikarjuna Reddy Principal & Chairperson
Teachers to represent
2 Dr.P.SankarBabu Prof. & Head of EEE and Member
3 Dr.B.Bala Teja Assoc. Prof. of Mechanical & Member
4 Mr.J Vara Prasad Assoc. Prof. of Civil & Member
5 Mr.S.Mohan Das Assoc. Prof. of ECE & Member
6 Dr.B.Narasimha Rao Assoc. Prof. of Physics & Member
7 Dr.K.Chandra Rekha Assoc. Prof. of MBA & Member
8 Mr Rakesh Babu TPO and Member
9 Mr.S.Dinesh Reddy Managing Director & Member
10 Mr.S.Haroon Rasheed Examinations Section i/c & Member
11 Mr.G Chandrasekhar Reddy Administrative Officer & Member
Nominees from Local Society, Students and Almini
12 Mrs.J.R.Swarooparani Principal, Little Flower B.Ed College
13 Ms.T.Anusha IV BTech (ECE) Student
14 Mr. G. Surendranatha Reddy Alumni & Member

Internal Complaint Committee

SVREC is committed to provide safe academic and working environment to all girl students and its women employees. As per the guidelines of Supreme Court, UGC, Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013, an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) on Sexual Harassment has been established. This committee has been constituted under the policy, prevention and punishment for sexual harassment of women at workplace.


  • To consider the welfare women teaching and non-Teaching faculty and girls students
  • To handle the issues related with sexual harassment women faculty and students
  • To provide information regarding counseling and support services on our campus
  • To take proactive measures towards sensitization of the faculty and students on gender issues


  • Committee will take all necessary steps to assist the affected person in terms of support and preventive action
  • Committee shall comply with the procedure prescribed in the aforementioned UGC Regulations 2015 and the Sexual Harassment Act for inquiring into the compliant in a time bound manner
  • If the allegations against the respondent have been proved, it shall recommend punitive actions to be taken against the respondent to the management

Internal Compliant Committee Members

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Position Mobile Number
1 Smt. C.Anjali Asst. Prof, Civil Convener 9030780520
2 Dr P. Sankar Babu EEE HOD Member 8919632819
3 Mrs D. Anuradha Asst. Prof, ECE Member 8985291309
4 Smt. K. Revathi Lab Technician, Civil Member 9949054355
5 Ms. J. Avila 4th B.Tech ECE student Member
6 Ms. R. Pavani 4th B.Tech CSE student Member
7 Smt. Swaroopa Rani NGO Member 9440288198


SC/ST cell has been constituted in the college campus to resolve all the affairs and problems related to the SC/ST students and faculties.


  • To bring the students belongs to SC/ST community at par with the main stream student body.
  • To create a platform where students can point out their problems, regarding academic and non-academic matters.
  • To monitor the implementation of reservation policy in the institution


  • Committee often meets the students and faculties belong to SC/ST communities, to understand their problem and take necessary action and/or render them necessary advice/help to resolve the matter
  • Creating awareness among the SC/ST students regarding the various Government and Non-Government scholarship schemes
  • Counseling the students to help them overcome inferiority complex related to interaction with fellow students and personal grooming, etc

Internal Compliant Committee Members

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Position in the committee
1 Mr. J. Varaprasad Assoc. Professor, Civil Chairperson
2 Mr. K. Bhaskar Rao Asst. Professor, ECE Convener
3 Mr. J. Bala Subbarayudu Asst. Professor,, EEE Member
4 Mr. C. Chandrudu Asst. Professor, Mech Member
5 Mr. S. Srinivasulu Office Assistant Member


A Grievance Redressal committee has been formed in our college to settle genuine grievances of students, staff and parents up to a satisfaction level so as to create a healthy relationship among the staff, students and parents. The grievance will include any matter relating to student and staff.


  • To provide a support system for the faculty, staff and students to address their grievances.
  • To analyze the complaints and representations of aggrieved staff/students and to take action with the appropriate authorities for redressal.


  • Receive the grievances from the faculty/ parents/alumni
  • Fact finding of the grievances
  • Suggestions to remedial and preventive measures
  • Review the suggestions /complaints during periodical counseling
  • Review the outgoing student feed back

Grievance Redressal Committee Members

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Position Mobile no
1 Dr P.Mallikarjuna Reddy Principal Chairperson 9963435255
2 Dr P. Sankar Babu HOD of EEE Convener 8919632819
3 Dr G. Rajesh Chandra HOD of CSE Member 9942322620
4 Smt. C. Anjali Asst. Prof. Civil Member 9030780520
5 Sri Rakesh Babu TPO Member 9100076679
6 Sri. S. Mohandas HOD of ECE Member 7702559166
7 Dr. B. Narasimha Rao HOD of H & S Member 9885930891

Anti Ragging

In order to ensure and facilitate peaceful and disciplined stay of the newly admitted First Year students, the following Anti-Ragging Committee is constituted. The Chairman and Members of the Committee through their strict vigilance will ensure harassment free & homely stay of the Fresher students upon their arrival in the campus.


  1. To educate students regarding anti-ragging laws and policies to prevent them from engaging in ragging.
  2. To sensitize the student community towards developing empathy for the new students.


  1. Give wide publicity regarding anti-ragging laws and policies across the college
  2. Monitor activities during start of academic year
  3. Solicit affidavits from parents/guardians and students in case incidents of ragging are bought to its notice
  4. Conduct counseling sessions for senior students
  5. Conduct counseling sessions for incoming students at the time of admission and induction
  6. Prevent ragging by students in the institute by proactively by taking rounds.
  7. Promote and maintain discipline in the institute by pro-actively giving suggestions to curb ragging.

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Position Mobile no
1 Dr P.Mallikarjuna Reddy Principal Chairperson 9963435255
2 Dr P. Sankar Babu HOD of EEE Convener 8919632819
3 Dr G. Rajesh Chandra HOD of CSE Member 9942322620
4 Sri. M. Rama Subba Reddy Principal, 2nd Shift Polytechnic Member 8096951438
5 Dr B. Narasimaha Rao HOD of H & S Member 9885930891
6 Sri. S. Mohandas HOD of ECE Member 7702559166
7 Sri. J. Varaprasad HOD of Civil Member 9182247801
8 Sri P. Hussain HOD of Mechanical Member 9701593938
9 Smt A. Bindukala Asst. Prof of CSE Member 996355468
10 Ms S. Rafath Jahan Asst. Prof of Maths Member 8106540890
11 Sri K. Eswar Reddy Parent Member 9989555369
12 Sri N. Veera Mohan Parent Member 7032992902
13 Mr. D. Sajid 2nd B.Tech ME Student Member 9959888818
14 Mr. K. Narendra 2nd B.Tech EEE Student Member 6301706857
15 Ms. Sahin Shaik 3rd B.Tech ECE Student Member 6303939770
16 Ms. J. Mounika 3rd B.Tech CSE Student Member 9949479232

Women Empowerment Cell

The College has established a Women Empowerment Cell (WEC) in the college campus to empower girl students, to enhance understanding of issues related to women and to make the college campus a safe place for women students. With a view to taking up women’s issues and problems, the cell aims at creating awareness of their rights and duties. It also provides a platform for women to share their experiences and views regarding their status in the society and to suggest ways to improve and empower themselves.

Aiming at intellectual and social upliftment of the female students, the cell stands for facilitating women’s empowerment through guest lectures, seminars, awareness programmes and other welfare activities.

Duties and responsibilities of the Committee

  1. Women’s Empowerment through Education
  2. Organizing the health awareness program
  3. Solving women related issues and complaints
  4. Creating awareness about women’s welfare
  5. Handle case works and counseling
  6. Improving interpersonal skills
  7. Creating awareness against harassment
  8. Conducting Women’s Day Program

The women empowerment cell comprises of the following members (AY: 2020-21)

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation & Dept Position
1 Mrs.D. Anuradha Asst. Professor, ECE Convener
2 Mrs. Reshma Asst. Professor, Physics Member
3 Ms. A. Bindu Kala Asst. Professor, CSE Member
4 Ms. S. Rafat Jahan Asst. Professor, Maths Member
5 Ms. B. Sushma Reddy Student, 4th B.Tech EEE Member
6 Ms. T. Suryalekha Student,4th B.Tech CSE Member
7 Ms. B. Pravallika Student, 3rd B.Tech ECE Member
8 Ms. V. Tejaswini Student, 4th B.Tech ME Member
9 Ms. G. Sai Navya Student, 4th B.Tech Civil Member